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Sinan Furniture & Upholstery
40 years of professional experience...
Sinan Doser is an expert in his trade, and has over 40 years of professional experience. Sinan inherited and perfected many of his skills from his forefathers in his native Turkey, and has carried on these highly specialized techniques in Canada since 2000. The name "Doser" literally translates to ‘’upholsterer’’ in Turkish, illustrating how his lineage has truly influenced his craft. Since settling in the Maritimes he has found his priceless craftsmanship not only highly respected, but also at home in our internationally recognized community of Artists and traditional Master Craftsmen. 

For Sinan, this craft is not just a job; it is his heritage, part of his identity, and one of his greatest passions. 

While working with Sinan you will see how he genuinely takes joy from restoring antique furniture to its original beauty. His meticulous attention to detail is guaranteed to surpass your expectations, and his dedication to his customers will always leave you feeling assured that your priceless treasures will be treated as nothing less than just that.
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